So, you are struggling with the ranking?

That’s the most important aspect if you are only concentrated on organic traffic through search engines. Before proceeding with the article, let me quickly tell you that Organic traffic isn’t the only form of traffic that can help you get more customers or to monetize your website.

Backlinks To Rank Your Website
To Rank Your Website: Does Creating Backlinks Is The Only Process?

Since our topic is regarding backlinks so I’ll stick to it and later I’ll write another article describing all the platforms to get traffic on the website except Search Engines.

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Are Backlinks Really Important To Rank Your Website?

Let’s understand the whole thing using a general example,

Suppose you have a manufacturer that produces world-class “keyboard protectors” for each and every laptop and no one in the whole market can compete with him in terms of the quality.

Now, he has created a website to expand the business, but he found there are several other websites that are selling the low-quality product but they are ranking on the topic and he is still hanging on 3rd pages.

Ranking and backlinks are all technical things so there are chances that he’ll contact A Content Writer and an SEO expert for this task. They’ll later analyze the website and later will generate a website referring to all the problem exist in the site.

The content creator will optimize the existing content and SEO expert will handle all the SEO factors excluding backlinks in the first place.

Once, everything is done the manufacturer will see improvement in the ranking and he might make it to the 2nd page or at the end of the 1st page.

Here the manufacturer will have two options, First, one is to get backlinks and quickly rank his website and second is to let the SEO expert handle the ranking situation and in most cases, these experts show result without creating any so-called backlinks.

The first option is quick but can be less effective in the long term because recently with the last few updates Google is concentrating on the user experience and their feedbacks. Whereas the second option is a bit slow in terms of showing results but will be very effective in the long run.

Let me explain it to you,

optimize for seo

Second option i.e. let the SEO expert handle the situation and since he is an expert so he knows about more than the owner. In order to improve and authority, he’ll never go for a quick solution instead he’ll focus more on providing the users a better experience. But as mentioned, the second option needs time to reflect the result.

I hope, things are getting clear in your head regarding the links factor. Now, let me explain it to you.

First of all, backlinks are not the only option to rank the website because there are more than 200 factors that need to be taken care of before expecting the first position on Google. Here I am not going to list those factors instead I’ll focus only on backlinks. But as an individual, it will be difficult for you to optimize your website completely so it is always recommended to hire an SEO expert for this job. They will be efficient and affordable.

Where Backlinks Are Actually Effective?

According to me, backlinks should be created on the basis of your targeted keyword, local SEO optimization, and your previous ranking history. Apart from this, Only creating backlinks are most effective in a short term basis. If you are going for the short term then you can rely on backlinks to get your website ranked. Here I’m not considering the short run, instead, I’ll be concentrating on the long term.

If you want to target organic traffic for the long term then I would say, backlinks aren’t the only option to rank. Basically, it depends on the keyword you want to rank. If you are looking forward to rank on a competitive keyword where high authority websites are ranking then backlinks will provide you the help to rank over others.

While creating backlinks make sure, you aren’t just creating random backlinks. Google is getting smart every day and it will soon detect all the spam links and it will penalize your website.

Create links if required and create them smartly. Comment links and Profile links are available easily but somewhere considered as spam so avoid those kinds of websites.

Always create relevant links. Never spam other website’s comment sections.

But, if your target keywords are less competitive then try to optimize your content and get some social shares, you will see results in a while. If you feel like your website ranking is stuck at a position then you need to give your website a little boost with some genuine links.

Final Verdict

First of all, backlinks are not at all important to rank, you can rank without even backlinks if your website’s content and on-page are optimized well. If you feel like your website needs a little push then consult an SEO Consultant and then think about creating links and monitor his activities. Be very smart while picking backlinks for your website as it can even downgrade your website ranking.

The ranking process takes time so be patient before taking any decision and don’t bother your SEO expert to much.

optimize for seo
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