Amazon SEO
Over the last few decades, Amazon has become a major player in the world of E-Commerce. The company provides a vast range of products, including books, clothing, electronics, furniture, makeup products and many more. Along with being the largest retailer in the United States, Amazon also owns many other businesses such as Twitch, Zappos, Audible,...
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Business Growth Plan
A business growth plan usually spans 1 to 2 years, where the primary and most important objective is increasing the revenue. Business plans are also crucial tools that should never be confused with specific business growth plans. While there are several virtual endless growth strategies available, there are four major business growth strategies that all business owners...
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Latest Digital Marketing Hacks
Once having a website was seen as a sign of being a premium business. Today, as we step into 2022, the scenario has changed drastically. It is no more about having a website but about marketing your brand. And the options are plenty, even for a small business that is yet to carve out its...
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Significance Of Digital Marketing
Suppose you are keen on understanding the significance of digital marking in the present times. In that case, you should thoroughly understand how it has changed and added value to our lives and businesses. Here we will discuss the various scopes of digital marketing. The genre of Digital marketing happens to be a vast field that...
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Business Through SEO
Welcome to Business Growth Marketing! I am Khushi, a digital marketer. I’m going to be talking about how to market your business through SEO. Now I know what you’re thinking. SEO? What’s that? SEO stands for search engine optimization. That’s the process of getting your website on the first page of google. And the reason...
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Businesses Need Search Engines Optimization
SEO has become a very broad term and what it means varies greatly depending on whom you ask. It can mean different things to different people and this blog post will look at the SEO landscape. It will look at what SEO is and what SEO isn’t. Not only that, but it will look at...
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Self-Referential Canonicals
SEO mistakes are inevitable, however, some are unavoidable even for the most seasoned marketers. While there are numerous SEO tactics practices to rank keywords, the most common result seems to typically lack due to silly errs.! Implementing Self-Referential Canonical Tags to Fix SEO: You might have inculcated local, pro, technical SEO, but have you ever...
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Artificial Intelligence affecting SEO
The concept of AI, or Artificial Intelligence, was initially discovered from science fiction. Futuristic novels that implement a tremendous development in technology also state the use of AI. However, at present, the concept of AI is much more of a reality than fiction. Robots and simple machines are already using AI for delivering efficient performance....
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Performance Of Your Landing Page
The landing page is the most vital weapon for marketing a business nowadays. Even after the investment of many bucks and labor to set up an online platform for business, many projects fail due to a lack of good analysis of the landing page report. A landing page is the first page a visitor arrives...
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Top Digital Marketing Trends
Needless to say – 2020 has been a year in the shambles for many marketers which is why with the economy slightly picking up at the anvil of the new year 2021, this year is all poised to architect digital marketing trends that are bound for glory and bound to evolve. As the good old...
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