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9+ Important On-Page SEO Factors to Get Organic Traffic

On-Page SEO Factors

10 On-Page SEO Factors to Get Organic Traffic

When it comes to SEO, there are hundreds of factors that Google needs when it ranks your website. For a business portal, it is important to rank on the first page. The ranking will improve the online presence as well as it will increase the number of customers i.e. Organic Traffic.

Though there are hundreds of factors that help you get organic traffic on your website/business. But most of them are covered when you host your website with a good hosting provider and install all the prerequisites.

In this article, I’ll be covering those SEO factors that are most important for your website or online business. I won’t be talking about the basic SEO because most of you have appropriate knowledge about them.

I’ll share 10 Important factors (SEO wise) that will help you get more organic traffic.

There are more chances that you have prior knowledge regarding some of the topics mentioned below, in that case, I would say just go through the points discussed in each factor. You will learn something new for sure.

10 Important SEO factors

If you really want to win the ranking game, you have to provide quality to the users. The way to outrank your competitors is to offers something more and better than what your competitors are offering.

Before writing the content for your website, you need to behave vision. Don’t just assemble words picked from different websites, instead make a juicy blend of words that can add value to the customer’s experience.

Always make sure that your content has something to offer. Customers will only appreciate your work if they will find it worth. Write top-notch content with enough values.

With every update of Google, we notice that sites with better page speed are getting ranked higher than others. If you want to increase your online presence, then you need to minimize your website’s load time. You can’t outrank your competitor with a slow loading website, don’t even think of it.

In 2019, I have analyzed that Google is more interested in User Feedback for a particular website. Throughout the year, google was thoroughly reading each and every user’s activities on billions of webpages and was trying to make some changes in the ranking algorithm.

No doubt, Google is focusing more on users than the technical profile of the webpages. These days, if your webpage has a good number of backlinks but it is not properly designed then it will be very difficult (nearly impossible) to outrank the existing webpages.

Let me quickly ask you a simple question, “which device you use the most, laptop or mobile?” When I tried asking this question in my team, the conclusion was quite familiar, 95% of my team members use their smartphone for most of the tasks. Here task represents all the query searches that they do on google.

These people who search queries on Google or some other search engine are your users, right? And the majority of them are using a smartphone. Now as a smart business owner, you will surely target mobile users over the desktop user.

If you really want to drive most of the traffic on your website, then you have to design your website according to the user’s convenience. So technically, if you want to rank at the top in 2020 then you have to make your website mobile-friendly.

Before you get confused, let me interrupt your thoughts and tell you that Page Optimisation is not only Page Speed. Basically, Page speed is related to your hosting servers and several other external factors but Page optimization is about the internal layout, i.e.
Content framing.

Let’s assume that you are a great content writer but lacks when it comes to framing that content in an interesting layout. If you want to win your user’s faith then you have to target their psychology. You need to understand the importance of each and every element of your webpage and have to align them accordingly.

Your content can only impress the reader if your title is attractive enough to grab the user’s attention. When any webpage is listed on google, it’s title is the very first thing that the user reads and someone once said that “The first impression is the last impression”, your webpage’s title will be the factor that can covert the random user into your customer.

Titles need to be tidy and straight-forward. You need to set a title that can hit the exact spot where the user needs it. Never make your title too long or too short.

You would have noticed that after the title, search engines show a small summary of the content available on the webpage. Have you wondered what is the source of the summary, is it generated by the search engine or the website owner is providing it.

In most cases, it is provided by the website owners and it is termed as Meta Description. If you really want to outrank your competitors then you have to understand the technique behind writing a meta description.

You need to make it precise and it should explain all the important points that you have covered in the whole content. Apart from this, the meta descriptions can’t be too long.

Things are changing and so do the users, the trend is changing. Users are more interested in visual information. Trust me, no one wants to read the bulky post.

After a point, it gets boring to read the whole post but it is really important for you that your reader is thoroughly consuming your content. In order to make your content interesting and attractive, you have to use appropriate images and graphics.

Inserting a couple of images won’t be effective, you have to optimize those images that they can be loaded quickly. Apart from this, you can also optimize them in terms of SEO so that you can grab more users.

You can use tools like Canva or Photoshopto generate attractive and informational graphics.

A very important factor that the majority of the business owners ignore. It’s a tricky thing to understand so let me explain it with an easy example. Let’s say you had a bad past, here bad means you did some unethical practices in your job.

Now if you will reach any new company for the job then chances are that they might not give you complete preference because you had a bad past in that field and they don’t want to risk.

A similar methodology is applicable to search engines, the majority of them won’t consider a domain/website which had done spamming or had a bad image on the internet.

Before getting a domain name, make sure you check its history and in order to do so there are dozens of tools available for free.

Again, something that is a little complex to understand. Basically, outbound links are those webpages that you have referred to in your content. I would say, be very selective while referring external webpages or other websites, if possible refer to high authority websites only. It will have a good impact on search engines but if you will refer to some spam website then it will adversely affect your ranking.

Final Verdict

So, you have read all the above mentioned factors! If you actually want to get ranked at the top on search engines then you can’t afford to skip any of the factors. These are the most and most important factors that will affect your ranking directly.

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