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A little spark of Optimization, chunks of Social media marketing & Real-time CTR, Acos vs profit, CR, CPC, CPA marketing strategies is a perfect combination for our company.

We help you to tackle all this.

Why Pay Per Click?

Because it takes a lot of effort to complete a certain task, and a lot of time to manage, tracking, ratings & calculations. It is a process to expand & keep an eye on the audience who looks for one specific keyword or phrase, how many times a person clicks on the ad or how much time they spend on the same page.

Click Through Rate


According to Marketing Agency Growth Report 2018, only 37% of the agencies don’t even know to attract ideal clients, and 33% of the agencies didn’t have the idea to generate it properly.

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The promotion includes Search Ads, display Ads etc.

Average Cost-Per-Click


Every time you pay when a customer clicks on the ad, balancing the CPC rate with maximum cost or to calculate its value you need to keep track of conversions, and how the …

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ads are converting into ads that are not consisting of great & balanced conversion rates.

Advertising Cost Of sales


As seen on screen, An amazon sponsored term used for product profits and to track its margins or If you want to earn more profit & higher than the amount you spend

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on an ad to reach maximum profit. It is a game-changer.

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