The motive behind any website is to spread the information. Information can be of any niche that doesn’t matter but it should be circulated among the readers. Generally, whenever an individual faces a problem, he/she looks for the solution over the internet and the platform that provides the solution is the website. We are going to discuss how these Traffic Generator Software can act on your website.

Users shoot their queries over various search engines, Google is the most famous one so mostly websites target it. Since the user is looking for the answer then no doubt he’ll be looking for various different options that are why google lists multiple websites relevant to the search query.

Traffic Generator Software
Traffic Generator Software: Is it Safe To Get Massive Traffic To My Website From These?

If your website is on Google’s first-page list then there are chances that you will get a reader but if your website isn’t there then, you won’t get any readers from Google at least. Only those websites will rank on the first page that follows all the guidelines given by google.

optimize for seo

Websites will only get authentic traffic if it is optimized for SEO as per Google’s requirements. There are hundreds of factors that decide whether the particular website will be ranked on the first page or not. But since the first page has only 10-12 websites, everyone can’t rank and in order to get traffic, these websites generate traffic through automatic traffic generators.

Today, we will analyze that “is it safe to use traffic generator software to get massive traffic?”. To have a proper understanding we need to understand the mechanism of these traffic generators.

How Did Traffic Generator Software Works?

First of all, these traffic generators don’t have thousands of people working for them and whenever any website needs traffic, those people get triggered and visit the particular website. These traffic generators are autonomous and work on the basics of algorithms.

These algorithms have a refreshing time because each website will be visited for a particular time period only. It is done to continuously increase the visitors count on the traffic. These traffic generators, open a website and close it after a particular interval.

Are There Some Genuine Traffic Generators?

Personally while researching these traffic generators, I have checked various of them and unfortunately can’t find any genuine generators that can give us genuine traffic instead of throwing just random visitors towards our website.

There were some good Quora threads people had a healthy discussion while reading them I found that these traffic generators can’t be practically possible until and unless they are running ads over different platforms and none of these are doing it for sure.

Are These Traffic Generator Software Safe?

Since none of the traffic generator software is genuine thus they can’t be safe at all. I don’t recommend them at all. But in some situations, it can be used to play smart. For instance, if there are some traffic requirements of any platforms and your website can’t fulfill it through the organic traffic, there you can use these traffic generators. There can be some demerits of these traffic generator software. It can affect your ranking.

Why You Should Directly Avoid Traffic Generator Applications?

If you will ask for my opinion then I would say, avoid using traffic generators. Wait! I’ll justify my statement. First of all, they will give bot traffic to your website so it will just increase the numbers and rest nothing else.

optimize for seo

 This traffic generator software will affect the following things:

#1 Google AdSense

Google strictly against bot traffic and there are chances that your AdSense account will be disabled if you use the traffic generators. Apart from this, in worst cases, google might never approve another AdSense for your website.

#2 Search Engines (Ranking)

As mentioned above, Google is against bot traffic and if your website is getting bot traffic regularly, then your ranking will be adversely affected. You might lose all your organic traffic.

#3 Effective customers

Traffic generators can never give you effective users, you can’t earn money through Google AdSense or any other monetization platform with these. In the best case, if you will place ads everywhere on your website then you might earn a little but it will ruin your website UI and authority of the website.

#4 Website reputation over the internet

You can never build a high authority website through bot traffic.  If you don’t trust me then just shoot me one example that states that bot traffic made impressive earnings. Instead of this, you might read some cases on google stating “how their website authority was ruined after using traffic generator software”.

Final Verdict

If you really want to increase your online footprint then you have to work round the clock, these autonomous traffic generators can’t help you in the long term. Forget about long terms, these traffic generators can’t even help you in the short term.

I would say, work hard for some time and then simply enjoy the process without any worries of getting penalized or blacklisted by the search engines.

“Rome was not built in one day”, similarly a high authority website can’t be built in a single day, you have to work quite a lot to mark your presence on google. If you don’t want to do it personally, then you can hire some SEO experts and a team of content writers so that they can help you optimize your website according to the search engine policies.

Many SEO Companies In India, USA Or other location says these kinds of website is too hard to rank on Search Engine after getting affected.

Do not use the traffic generators they are just spam rest it’s up to you.

optimize for seo

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